NanoForm by Cheryl Akner Koler

Participating as Media Navigator producing a spatial form  of documentation to support and reflect a researchproject by Cheryl Akner Koler.

”The NanoForm project has generated more than 40 different activities, led by 18 individuals, and has involved over 45 participants. To keep track of the activities the artist Katarina Eismann functioned as media navigator, responsible for video processing and archiving of the project.
The purpose of the videos, as well as other material produced by the project’s activities, is that they constitute a record of intangible and complex processes and serve as a complement to the academic, text-based presentation format (img./mov.8). Eismann has previously developed an approach where videos are both part of her expressive medium and part of the educational or research process in a project.”
Cheryl Akner Koler

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