Distance and Longing/Gravitation 2018, videoinstallation with mirror and reflection on floor, one channel 10 minutes video loop

The exhibition ”PARTIR / REVENIR” is an encounter between three artists that emerged from an idea of art as an expression of movements and displacements, of leaving and returning. The urge to move arises both out of necessity and as a desire to experience another kind of encounter; another way of thinking, another cultural context or perhaps even another language. Movement or displacement is an experience that can include moments of meaningfulness and creativity, but can also evoke feelings of distance and estrangement. In this exhibition the three artists seek and ponder the possibilities and limitations of this kind of experience. Read more

Participating artists: Katarina Eismann, Safaa Erruas and Christine Ferrer

Curator: Eva-Lotta Holm Flach

With support: Statens kulturråd, Stockholm stad, Iaspis, Galleri Flach, So Arty

Detail from videoinstallation ”Distance and longing/ Gravitation” 2018








Distance and Longing, Giclée print 100×70 cm

Amulets, Giclée print, glas and silver, 10 cm diameter


 Distance and Longing/30 seconds, Giclée print, 30×30 cm, serie 

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